Ohio State Workday (2024)

1. Workday - Office of Technology and Digital Innovation

  • Workday serves as a single destination for most of your HR, payroll, finance and supply chain requests. Workday is Ohio State's tool for managing employee ...

  • Workday serves as a single destination for most of your HR, payroll, finance and supply chain requests.

2. Workday is live! - Human Resources at Ohio State

  • Employee self service, including access to view your payslip, view your FSA/HRA accounts, verify dependent eligibility and update your personal information, is ...

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3. Ohio State drops effort to update student information system

  • 10 jan 2022 · Ohio State announced it would drop its effort to launch a new student information system, causing a ripple effect in a sector plagued by ...

  • Ohio State announced it would drop its effort to launch a new student information system, causing a ripple effect in a sector plagued by delays and technology problems.

4. Sharing HR and Finance Data Gives Ohio State Clarity - Workday

  • The Ohio State University uses Workday to manage and analyze its data, which improves internal operations and empowers leaders to make informed decisions. In ...

  • Learn how sharing HR and finance data across its organization gives Ohio State clarity into its people and processes.

5. WORKDAY TIPS, Training & Resources - Extension Operations

  • Administrative Resource Center (link is external) - ARC - A complete library of all available Workday guides, job aids, training, and answers to frequently ...

  • WORKDAY: TIPS, Training and Resources Trouble viewing an attachment: Click the Download PDF button in the upper right-hand corner. It can be viewed through File Explore > Downloads.    or right click on the attachment for this: Send Backs: When editing a transaction following a send back comment, correct the issue, and leave a comment as to what was corrected. Examples of send back corrections: SA#s missing on...

6. The Ohio State University Walks Away from Workday Student

7. Ohio State University and Workday - LinkedIn

  • 27 jan 2023 · Building a high-powered, flexible, and mobile global workforce.

  • Discover how The Ohio State University is improving internal operations and empowering leaders to make informed decisions with a unified #data model for…

8. Ohio State IT on X: "Although Workday is not affected, the https://t.co ...

  • 28 jul 2022 · Ohio State IT · @OhioStateIT. Although Workday is not affected, the http://workday.osu.edu web page is down. You can access Workday directly at ...

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9. Osu workdat student noticeable. - buoouwh.wiki employee Responsible

  • 5 uur geleden · ... Ohio State University Child Care Program, visit Workday. Job ... A new Workday tenant is now available to all Ohio State Workday users for ...

10. About the Workday project - The University of Akron

  • Workday, a cloud-based system, will be used to perform finance, human resource, and payroll functions for the university. The system provides modern ...

  • As a result of a competitive bid process in 2021, The University of Akron chose Workday as their new ERP system.  Workday, a cloud-based system, will be used to perform finance, human resource, and payroll functions for the university.  The system provides modern functionality which will deliver a transformative platform for the university to perform daily business tasks.

11. awareness is - tgzomuw.info

  • 4 minuten geleden · ... Ohio State University.Workday. Workday is the university's global ... Ohio State University Child Care Program, visit Workday. Job ...

12. OTDI System Status | IT Service Desk

  • ... Ohio State University · Help · BuckeyeLink · Map · Find People · Webmail · Search Ohio State. IT Service Desk. Find solutions and report issues. IT Service Desk.

  • Current Status

Are you someone looking to delve into the workings of Ohio State’s innovative workday system? Buckle up as we embark on an enlightening journey through the intricacies and advantages of the Ohio State Workday. In a nutshell, Workday is a revolutionary cloud-based software that Ohio State University employs for managing human resources, finance, payroll, and other crucial administrative tasks efficiently.

Understanding Ohio State Workday

Let's start with the basics. Ohio State Workday is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline various operational aspects within the university. It serves as a one-stop solution for employees and administrators, providing easy access to essential tools and information required for day-to-day tasks.

Features and Functionality

The system's user-friendly interface is a standout feature, allowing employees to navigate effortlessly through different modules. From managing personal information to updating payroll details, employees can easily access and modify their data. Moreover, Workday's mobile compatibility ensures flexibility, enabling users to access information on-the-go.

Integration and Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages of Ohio State Workday is its seamless integration across departments. The platform connects various units within the university, fostering better collaboration and data sharing. This integration facilitates a unified approach to managing tasks, reducing redundancy and enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is paramount in any system handling sensitive data, and Workday ensures top-notch protection. The platform implements robust security protocols to safeguard confidential information, maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Advantages for Employees

For employees, Workday brings a myriad of benefits. It simplifies processes related to leave management, expense tracking, and performance evaluations. The self-service feature empowers individuals to handle routine tasks independently, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.

Administrative Efficiency

From an administrative perspective, Ohio State Workday revolutionizes how tasks are managed. It automates repetitive processes, allowing administrators to focus on strategic initiatives. The platform's reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights, aiding in informed decision-making.

Training and Support

Ohio State University offers comprehensive training and support to users navigating the Workday system. Regular workshops, online resources, and dedicated support channels ensure that employees and administrators can maximize the system's potential.


In conclusion, Ohio State Workday stands as a cornerstone in enhancing operational efficiency and collaboration within the university. Its user-friendly interface, integrated modules, enhanced security measures, and support mechanisms make it a game-changer in administrative management.


1. Can I access Ohio State Workday from my mobile device? Yes, Workday is mobile-compatible, allowing users to access the platform conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

2. How secure is the data stored in Ohio State Workday? Workday implements stringent security measures to protect sensitive data, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

3. Can I update my personal information in Ohio State Workday? Absolutely, Workday allows employees to manage and update their personal information easily.

4. Are there regular training sessions for using Ohio State Workday? Yes, Ohio State University conducts regular workshops and provides online resources for users to familiarize themselves with the Workday system.

5. What advantages does Ohio State Workday offer to administrators? Workday streamlines administrative tasks, automates processes, provides analytics for informed decision-making, and fosters better collaboration among departments.

Ohio State Workday (2024)


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